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About Us

Dr. Jack Fu 傅学理 博士

  • 国际医药大学继教及推广学院院长

  • 美国武医研究院院長

  • 世界整合医学学会联合会终身执行主席

  • 中国武术八段,世界联盟黑带八段,两度太极和太极推手世界冠军

  • 已帮助50多位世界最有名的针灸和手法及中医专家在美办班多年,长期临床,创立“气针灸”十多年,在加州马里布诊所是全美前十名自然疗法诊所。

  • Dean of University of East-West Medicine College of Extended and Continuing Education

  • Dean of the American Institute of Martial Arts 

  • Executive Chairman of World Federation of Integrative Health

  • Chinese martial arts eight Duan and Black Belt Eight Segments, Two-time Tai Chi and Tai Chi Push World Champions

  • The Malibu "Time To Health" clinic ranked among the top ten in the United States Naturopathic Clinic.

  • Dr Fu founded "Qi Acupuncture" for years,has 100 more disciple

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